2017 U.S. Agriculture Outlook Digital Magazine

U.S. Agriculture OUTLOOK 2017

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The latest edition of U.S. Agriculture Outlook has just gone live. Check out what we’ve got in store for you in this edition… The Big Picture: UAVs’ potential to capture in-depth ag data Hydroponic Fodder Systems: Benefits and challenges of this innovative approach to feed Making the Most of Every Drop: Research and technology for smarter irrigation Dairy Today: What changing structure, government policies, trade, and tech mean for U.S. dairy farms Gear Guide: 10 Products ... read more

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Animal Protein Outlook 2017: Pressure on Prices and Margins (Sponsored)

Business / Livestock

While global meat consumption continues to rise, market prices and margins are under pressure. A Challenge for Producers and Processors China will continue to exert a huge influence on global meat markets. The world’s most populous country increased pork imports to record levels in 2016, and Rabobank forecasts these import levels will remain constant in 2017. China’s beef and poultry imports are also expected to rise. In the United States, 2016 was a very difficult ... read more


BRANDT: An Aggressively Growing American Fertilizer Company Introduces a New Generation of Specialty Fertilizers with BRANDT Smart Quatro® (Sponsored)

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Over the last five years, there has been tremendous growth in the use of micronutrients in the agricultural market. They have been widely accepted and adopted by both retailers and growers and have become standard grower practice in most modern fertility programs. BRANDT has been at the forefront of these market changes, bringing new discoveries and fertilizer innovation to growers around the world. Early micronutrient products were typically in granular form and applied to the ... read more