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New FREE Technology Helps Farmers Save Thousands of Gallons of Water! (Press Release)

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – You may have heard about the self driving cars being introduced and tested by Tesla, Uber, Google and others, but did you know that the same technology can help you improve your efficiency on the farm? Introducing ConserWaterTM: A FREE Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts exactly how much water you need to give to your crops at any time, at any location around the world! Using patent pending technology and a ... read more

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Soybean Consumption on the Rise Worldwide

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Prior to World War II, about the only connection most Americans, including farmers, had to soybeans was the soy sauce on their chop suey. Little more than a half-century later, soybeans are the nation’s second-largest crop – and some believe they ultimately may replace corn as No. 1. “We’ve been neck and neck with corn for a couple of decades and since 2000 only slightly behind. Last year, corn had 90.4 million acres and we ... read more

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Farming Opportunities for Veterans


In recent years, a host of programs – many of them run by veterans or private organizations – have sprung up to provide opportunities for veterans to turn their weapons into plowshares, including: The Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) ( A nationwide nonprofit based in California, FVC hosts career fairs and educational retreats, matches individual veterans with mentors in their areas of interest, and sponsors a fellowship program to help launch the food and farming careers ... read more