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The Food Waste Problem and What’s Being Done to Fix It

Business / Crops / Environment

People almost everywhere – not just Americans – waste a lot of food. For much of the 21st century, it’s been discussed anecdotally, if at all, in the public sphere, but over the past few years, researchers have begun to express it in numbers – and those numbers are distressing. In 2012, Dana Gunders, senior scientist with the Food & Agriculture Program of the nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), published a 26-page report, “Wasted: ... read more

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Interview: Rep. Mike Conaway, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture

Interview / Policy

Born and raised in West Texas, Mike Conaway is proud to represent Texas’ 11th Congressional District since coming to Congress in 2005. He serves as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, where he strongly advocates for farmers, ranchers, rural communities, and consumers while ensuring programs under the committee’s jurisdiction are defensible and financially responsible. Prior to becoming Agriculture Committee chairman, Conaway served as chairman of the House Ethics Committee and held leadership roles as chairman ... read more

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Making the Most of Every Drop: Research and Technology for Smarter Irrigation

Crops / R&D / Technology

Last year will be remembered by a lot of growers as a time when more water came from below their feet than above their heads. It was an El Niño year, which always promises extreme and erratic weather patterns – and 2016 did not disappoint. According to USDA data, drought touched almost 1,000 counties across the country in 2016. The entire states of California, Nevada, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Alabama fell under drought. And the ... read more

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USDA and Agriculture Update

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The omnibus five-year 2014 Agriculture Act (Farm Bill) will continue to govern federal agriculture policy through 2018, but American farms and industry remain uncertain about what the new Trump administration’s ... read more