Latest Edition of Faircount’s World Agriculture Outlook Debuts at World Ag Expo

The latest edition of U.S. Agriculture Outlook will debut during World Ag Expo 2018, the largest agricultural trade show in the world, which takes place each February in Tulare, California. In the space of a dozen articles, the 2018 edition of U.S. Agriculture Outlook covers a lot of ground, examining aspects of U.S. agriculture today and exploring new technologies and trends that point the way in the future. Within the pages of this year’s publication are features on ways to manage ... read more

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Propane: A Highly Efficient, Cost-Effective Way to Power Your Farm (Sponsored)

Business / Environment / Technology

What energy source will power the farms of the future? Propane is a powerful, clean, reliable, and cost-effective solution for powering a variety of farm applications – including irrigation engines, grain dryers, building heat, forklifts, power generators, flame weeding systems, vehicles, and more. “Propane use on the farm has continued to grow more prevalent in recent years. There are still some ag producers who don’t know about all the new technologies built to use clean, ... read more

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Why Food Traceability Matters (Sponsored)

Business / Technology

There is a growing movement of consumers demanding information on how their food is produced, including affluent American consumers, millennials, and the European market. I recently returned from a trip to Austria where food traceability was a hot industry topic because many Europeans were passionate about supporting local farmers and wanted labeling identifying which region (and even which farm) produced their food. Millennials especially care about where their food comes from. They are more interested ... read more