BRANDT: An Aggressively Growing American Fertilizer Company Introduces a New Generation of Specialty Fertilizers with BRANDT Smart Quatro® (Sponsored)


Over the last five years, there has been tremendous growth in the use of micronutrients in the agricultural market. They have been widely accepted and adopted by both retailers and growers and have become standard grower practice in most modern fertility programs. BRANDT has been at the forefront of these market changes, bringing new discoveries and fertilizer innovation to growers around the world.

Early micronutrient products were typically in granular form and applied to the soil before planting. Today, micronutrients are used throughout the plant’s growth cycle to improve yield and quality by making them more available to the plant. New technologies in foliar application have been very successful in delivering late season nutrition after plants have utilized most of their nutrient reserves during high demand growth stages.

SMART QUATRO JUG webBRANDT has concentrated its R&D efforts on developing micronutrients that address plant needs at each growth stage. The 4R Nutrient management concept is at the center of BRANDT’s development efforts, and focuses on products that deliver the right micronutrient, in the right form, at the right growth stage and the right rate.

The newest area of development of BRANDT’s specialty nutrition products is foliar fertilizers that are compatible with post-applied herbicides and pesticides. One of those products is BRANDT Smart Quatro® – a highly efficient foliar zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B), sulfur (S), and molybdenum (Mo) formulation. BRANDT Smart Quatro has been in field trials for three years on current traits and has seen significant crop response and yield enhancement with no tank mix issues.

Plant health benefits of BRANDT Smart Quatro include fast, effective foliar delivery of key micronutrients in one formulation as well as improved overall plant health and stress tolerance. BRANDT carefully chose the 3 percent Zn, 3 percent Mn, 2 percent B, 1.5 percent S and .1 percent Mo formulation, which provides tremendous physiological benefits and triggers specific plant responses.

Each element plays a specific and important role in crop development. Zinc promotes chlorophyll production, as well as root and shoot growth, and is needed throughout the crop cycle. Manganese supports herbicide metabolism, photosynthesis, and plant respiration. Boron aids root nodulation formation, carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism, as well as flowering and fruiting. Molybdenum promotes root nodulation growth and enhances nitrogen utilization. Sulfur aids protein and enzyme synthesis.

SMART QUATRO BEANS webThe result of these nutrients, when applied to the plant in the right form at the right time and rate, is enhanced quality and yield. In BRANDT Smart Quatro field trials, BRANDT has seen a 5 to 9 percent increase in soybean yield and a 10 to 48 percent increase in pod count; a 5 to 25 percent increase in corn yield; a 5 to 15 percent increase in peanut yield and significant reduction in phytotoxicity; a 10 to 20 percent increase in cotton yield; and a 5 to 20 percent increase in sugarcane yield. Many other trials have been conducted. These are just a few highlights.

BRANDT conducts numerous university, consultant, and independent field trials around the world each year as part of its research and development protocol. The company is a leading manufacturer of liquid micronutrients, specialty fertilizers, sustainable crop inputs and adjuvants for the agriculture, turf and ornamental, and lawn and garden markets. BRANDT products are available through most leading ag retailers in the United States and available through approved distributors in 42 countries.

BRANDT is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, and is 100 percent privately and family owned. Its founders, Glen and Evelyn Brandt, started the company in 1953 with a mission of bringing new and profitable technologies to growers. This mission remains true today, under the leadership of CEO Rick Brandt. BRANDT was named one of INC. magazine’s fastest growing companies for five consecutive years and continues to grow.

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