Soybean Consumption on the Rise Worldwide

Business / Crops

Prior to World War II, about the only connection most Americans, including farmers, had to soybeans was the soy sauce on their chop suey. Little more than a half-century later, soybeans are the nation’s second-largest crop – and some believe ... read more

50-plus Years of Center-pivot Irrigation

Crops / Technology

When Coloradan-turned-Nebraskan Frank Zybach started piecing together his first experimental center-pivot irrigation system in 1947, he was on the cusp of nothing short of starting an agricultural revolution. The rickety contraption was basically a span of pipes only a few ... read more

USDA Awards Citrus Greening Research Grants

Crops / R&D

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded $20.1 million in grants to further research to combat citrus greening disease, according to a Feb. 8 USDA press release. The grants were made available to university researchers for research and extension projects ... read more

USDA and Agriculture Update

Business / Crops / Livestock

The size of global agriculture has grown dramatically in recent years, in terms of both production and market value, the result of a combination of technology and growing demand for both feed and food grains, meat, and vegetables. Those results ... read more