Trends in Dry Fertilizer Storage (Sponsored)

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Fertilizer consumption in the United States has increased substantially over the last 50 years. Much of the growth occurred between 1960 and 1980 with an increase of over 200 percent. According to the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials, ... read more

Bee Friendly (Sponsored)


Farmers are buzzing about new planting regulations to protect the world’s bee population. When Canadian beekeepers reported an unusually high volume of bee losses in recent years, studies were conducted seeking answers. Several issues were identified as potential causes, with ... read more

New B2B Agricultural Export Magazine Released By World Agriculture Network and Faircount Media Group

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We are excited to announce the release of the premiere edition of World Agriculture Outlook. Within this edition of World Agriculture Outlook, you will learn about the people and programs behind our incredible success, as a nation, in the business of agricultural exports and ... read more

Drought: No Drop in the Bucket

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Two drought simulators designed to test the effects of water deficiency on crops are now operational at the University of Missouri’s (MU) Bradford Research and Extension Center east of Columbia. The simulators are part of a $1,558,125 Missouri Life Sciences Research Board grant ... read more

Risk and Reward


Australian wheat should be marketed to the world on its quality and its strengths, says GrainGrowers’ General Manager of Grower Engagement Michael Southan. The problem, he argues, is that there has been no promotion of the Australian grain industry to ... read more

We All Want a Better Apple


But maybe the apple isn’t the problem. Maybe it’s us. The Gravenstein apple is the unofficial mascot of western Sonoma County, Calif. Its name appears everywhere on buildings, road signs, and storefronts; and if you visit, you won’t be able ... read more

Invasive Species

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Scientists are rushing to agriculture’s defense. At first glance, California’s Coachella Valley, the arid expanse from Palm Springs south to the Salton Sea, seems an unlikely agricultural oasis. But it’s where 95 percent of the nation’s dates – the sweet, ... read more