Rodent Roundup


Problems with and solutions to furry ag pests.  A red-tailed hawk grips its perch, watches the deer mouse’s movement, and waits for the right moment to swoop in for the swift capture. Not far away, a mother fox, well nourished ... read more

Can a genetic tune-up save the orange?

Crops / R&D

When the Asian citrus psyllid first introduced its noxious stowaway – the Liberibacter bacterium that infects citrus plants and ruins their fruit – to Florida’s orange groves in 2005, the state’s growers, who had been monitoring the insect since first ... read more

Drought Expert Joins Mizzou Plant Science

Crops / Press Releases

Drought Expert and National Academy of Sciences Member Joins Mizzou Plant Science. National Academy of Sciences member John Boyer has accepted an appointment at the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources as a Distinguished Research Professor. ... read more

Eyes on Asia

Business / Crops

Registering more orchards and packing houses with Chinese authorities is vital in opening China to Australia’s $0.5 billion citrus industry, according to Citrus Australia CEO Judith Damiani. Citrus is a staple food in China, which has imposed strict quarantine rules ... read more

Harvest in the Midst of Drought

Crops / Environment

Although drought persists in varying degrees of severity from year to year and region to region, the 2012 drought that affected most of the United States was nothing less than an agricultural abomination. Considered to be the most severe and ... read more

Root Cause

Crops / R&D

A team of scientists from the University of Missouri, the University of Georgia and the Beijing Genome Institute have used next-generation sequencing to identify two genes — out of approximately 50,000 possibilities — that defend soybeans from damage caused by ... read more

Lallemand Joins Forces with Mycologic

Crops / Livestock / Press Releases

To expand its bioherbicide business in North America, Lallemand has entered into a license agreement with the Canadian company Mycologic Inc., developers of Chontrol, a fungal product for biological vegetation management. Vegetation managers around the world need to control the ... read more