Biomass Crops Fueling Tomorrow’s Energy Needs

Crops / Environment

Lemons to lemonade, trash to treasure, something from nothing: The premise of intentional biomass crop farming transcends the clichés and speaks very clearly to the sensibilities of bottom-line economics, environmental benefits, and America’s energy future. Much more than an intriguing ... read more

Crop Insurance Provides Peace of Mind for Growers

Business / Crops

It’s long hours, hard work, ongoing expenses, and the exact opposite of instant gratification. No doubt, farming demands great investment and nurturing patience for the anticipated reward. When all goes as planned, the end justifies the means, but throughout the ... read more

Frost 101

Crops / Environment / Technology

Growers know what frost is, but few may understand the physics behind how it develops. Such an understanding is useful when figuring out how to protect your vines from frost damage. First, it is important to understand two thermal processes: ... read more