A Major Contribution

Environment / R&D

Australia relies on surface water storages to ensure that water is available when needed and to act as a buffer against drought. However surface storage is inefficient because much water is spilled from dams that are quickly filled during very ... read more

Climate Change


In February 2013, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a comprehensive study detailing the possible consequences of climate change for U.S. agriculture and forestry, the department wasn’t revealing anything new – the study, titled “Climate Change and U.S. ... read more

Invasive Species

Crops / Environment

Scientists are rushing to agriculture’s defense. At first glance, California’s Coachella Valley, the arid expanse from Palm Springs south to the Salton Sea, seems an unlikely agricultural oasis. But it’s where 95 percent of the nation’s dates – the sweet, ... read more

Price Plateau?

Business / Environment

 Survey suggests slowdown in land price increases. Results of an annual land values opinion survey show that land prices in Missouri have continued to climb. However, the survey suggests a slowdown in the next year. “The average value of good ... read more

Harvest in the Midst of Drought

Crops / Environment

Although drought persists in varying degrees of severity from year to year and region to region, the 2012 drought that affected most of the United States was nothing less than an agricultural abomination. Considered to be the most severe and ... read more

Baby Bird Threat


Baby birds face many dangers before they leave the nest.  A new threat is slithering up their trees. Reductions in populations could harm agriculture. “A warmer climate may be causing snakes to become more active and seek more baby birds ... read more

Down on the Farm Shrimp

Environment / Livestock

Agriculture typically brings to mind corn, soybeans, and cattle. But research at the University of Missouri (MU) could make seafood a major cash crop in the Show-Me State. David Brune, a professor of agricultural systems management in the College of ... read more