Harvest in the Midst of Drought

Crops / Environment

Although drought persists in varying degrees of severity from year to year and region to region, the 2012 drought that affected most of the United States was nothing less than an agricultural abomination. Considered to be the most severe and ... read more

Baby Bird Threat


Baby birds face many dangers before they leave the nest.  A new threat is slithering up their trees. Reductions in populations could harm agriculture. “A warmer climate may be causing snakes to become more active and seek more baby birds ... read more

Down on the Farm Shrimp

Environment / Livestock

Agriculture typically brings to mind corn, soybeans, and cattle. But research at the University of Missouri (MU) could make seafood a major cash crop in the Show-Me State. David Brune, a professor of agricultural systems management in the College of ... read more

Nurturing the Land: USDA Conservation

Environment / Policy

Today, the Depression-era Dust Bowl is often imagined as a sudden catastrophe, a perfect storm of climatic and economic hardship – but at least one person saw it coming. Hugh Hammond Bennett, “the Father of Soil Conservation,” began working for ... read more

Biomass Crops Fueling Tomorrow’s Energy Needs

Crops / Environment

Lemons to lemonade, trash to treasure, something from nothing: The premise of intentional biomass crop farming transcends the clichés and speaks very clearly to the sensibilities of bottom-line economics, environmental benefits, and America’s energy future. Much more than an intriguing ... read more

Frost 101

Crops / Environment / Technology

Growers know what frost is, but few may understand the physics behind how it develops. Such an understanding is useful when figuring out how to protect your vines from frost damage. First, it is important to understand two thermal processes: ... read more

Aquaculture in America

Environment / Livestock

Food, sport, and aesthetics – that’s the trident of benefits delivered by the U.S. aquaculture industry. Defined as the production of aquatic animals and plants under controlled conditions for all or part of their life cycle, aquaculture bears significant impact ... read more