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While advances in technology have greatly affected nearly every aspect of modern farming, equivalent leaps in drugs and chemicals used with livestock and produce have led to higher yields, larger cattle producing more milk or meat, and greater resistance to disease, ... read more

Understanding Beef Cattle Lameness

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Understanding Beef Cattle Lameness Takes Knowing Where to Look. Beef cattle are naturally adept at hiding signs of weakness, and as a result, lameness prevalence in beef cattle is often underestimated. “We see people that come out and say, ‘We ... read more

Lallemand Joins Forces with Mycologic

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To expand its bioherbicide business in North America, Lallemand has entered into a license agreement with the Canadian company Mycologic Inc., developers of Chontrol, a fungal product for biological vegetation management. Vegetation managers around the world need to control the ... read more

Agricultural Biosecurity

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For most who recall the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak that swept through Britain in the spring and summer of 2001, those months can be boiled down to a single indelible image: A massive, smoking pyre of dead cattle, all culled ... read more

Down on the Farm Shrimp

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Agriculture typically brings to mind corn, soybeans, and cattle. But research at the University of Missouri (MU) could make seafood a major cash crop in the Show-Me State. David Brune, a professor of agricultural systems management in the College of ... read more