USDA and Agriculture Update

Business / Policy / Technology

The omnibus five-year 2014 Agriculture Act (Farm Bill) will continue to govern federal agriculture policy through 2018, but American farms and industry remain uncertain about what the new Trump administration’s trade policies will mean to agriculture exports or what the ... read more

U.S. Agriculture OUTLOOK 2017

Crops / Livestock / Policy / Technology

The latest edition of U.S. Agriculture Outlook has just gone live. Check out what we’ve got in store for you in this edition… The Big Picture: UAVs’ potential to capture in-depth ag data Hydroponic Fodder Systems: Benefits and challenges of this ... read more

Who Are Congress’s Agricultural Experts Today?


The question posed above is trickier to answer than it might appear – particularly when coupled with the notion that the occupational makeup of members of the U.S. Congress today has transitioned almost completely away from agriculture. Intuitively, one would ... read more