New FREE Technology Helps Farmers Save Thousands of Gallons of Water! (Press Release)

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – You may have heard about the self driving cars being introduced and tested by Tesla, Uber, Google and others, but did you know that the same technology can help you improve your efficiency on the farm? Introducing ConserWaterTM: A FREE Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts exactly how much water you need to give to your crops at any time, at any location around the world! Using patent pending technology and a great deal of data, ranging from historical weather to satellite-based measurements, ConserWaterTM can predict the optimum amount of water needed for irrigation, and reduce your water usage up to 30%!

ConserWaterTM application image

ConserWaterTM application image

The best way to make it through years of drought is to lower your water usage even in times of sufficient water. This way you can save water for times when you need it and, when drought truly strikes you will be prepared and less affected by water shortages. ConserWaterTM allows you to do exactly this, by allowing you to simultaneously achieve optimal plant growth and lowered water usage.

Let’s take California as an example: the state is afflicted by its largest drought in recent times, and farmers throughout the central valley suffer the most, as agriculture has always been the largest user of water in the state. We predict that if every farmer in California used ConserWaterTM, we could save at least 2 billion gallons a day, and possibly even up to 6 billion gallons a day. With such enormous savings, the pains of the drought would be greatly alleviated, California would be more water-secure and every farmer would be happier!

What’s more, the technology has been encapsulated into a FREE smartphone app, now available for both Android and iOS. The free app provides access to the AI that should meet the needs of most farmers: a report of watering requirements for up to three crops, whenever the app is run, for any location around the world, at any time. An upcoming professional version of the app will additionally allow you to select an unlimited number of crops and also let you make more informed decisions about your field, by giving you a personalized report on how your crops are fairing and how you can help them grow better.

As of now, several pilot programs for this technology are running worldwide, and the results are truly promising: it has been well received by many farmers, who have started to achieve increased agricultural efficiency with it!

Don’t get left behind on this new technology! Check out today for more details and app download links.

Author: Aadith Moorthy, ConserWater Technologies, Founder and CEO

Worldwide testimonials:

Stephanie Garcia, from California: “I think what you are doing is amazing … Farmers in developed and developing countries can use technology to offset the environmental and financial costs associated with farming.”

Stephen Awudi Gadri, from Ghana, Africa: “Accept our congratulations (for your efforts to) promote and enhance ConserWater in Africa … History speaks for itself.”

S. Shivakumar, from Tamil Nadu, India: “Well done … (ConserWater) works fine.”

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