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ksi applicator

KSi Conveyors Inc. – a leader in seed handling and seed treatment applications – revealed the KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator during this year’s fall farm show season, introducing the most advanced and accurate seed treatment technology and equipment in the industry. The Patent-Pending KSi Applicator features numerous technological advances and design elements that address some of the most common challenges in the seed treatment industry today.

KSi CEO Paul Kaeb said, “Our customers look to us to provide the best in seed handling, seed treatment, and process automation, and the KSi Applicator is the latest step in providing the value and service they’ve come to expect from us. The 4808NGA brings together KSi’s industry-leading equipment and automation expertise, ushering in the next generation in seed treatment application.”

The KSi Design Approach is simple – provide solutions to the most common challenges encountered in the industry. The design of the 4808NGA specifically pinpoints solutions for

  • low inlet/head height for easier, more flexible installations;
  • accurate, uniform chemical application for faster conditioning;
  • conditioned, polished seed for optimal plant-ability and appearance; and
  • fast clean-out for increased throughput.

Today’s seed industry professional offers high-yielding, genetically advanced seed varieties and some of the most complex and sophisticated seed treatment chemical options available. These specialized seed offerings must be handled carefully to ensure germination in the field, and the scientifically designed chemicals must be applied to seed very accurately, with label application rates as precise as milligrams of active chemical ingredient per individual seed (mg AI/seed).

KSi Drum

KSi Drum

“KSi has established a reputation for bringing innovative products and services to the seed and grain handling industry,” said Kaeb, “from the signature patented, cleated-belt conveyor technology that launched our company, to more recent state-of-the-art automation advances in seed handling and chemical application, including the KSi AutoTreat automation system with KSi VariRate Loss-in-Weight seed flow control and the KSi MultiFlow high-capacity, continuous flow seed scaling system.”

The KSi Applicator’s new equipment and hardware design elements leverage established KSi software and process automation innovations to simultaneously control seed flow and chemical flow rates, ensuring accurate chemical application.

Experienced design engineers and technical specialists integrated a number of innovative design elements into the KSi Applicator, including:

  • Seed Flow Distribution Device – manages a wide range of incoming seed flow rates and distributes the flow into a uniform “seed curtain” at the point of chemical application.
  • Applicator Head/Atomizer Disc – atomizes and applies a consistent, even chemical distribution onto the seed curtain which coats the seed more evenly, allowing the Drum to advance the conditioning process forward, without any need to compensate for inadequate chemical coverage at the Atomizer.
  • Drum – mixes and conditions the treated seed, using engineered placement of mixing paddles and distribution baffles to control the flow of seed for maximum plant-ability and appearance.
  • Discharge Process – dynamically lifts conditioned, polished seed out of the Drum into the load-out conveyor, for quick and complete clean-out from the Drum’s unique, low-profile position.
  • KSi Automation Integration – leverages state-of-the-art technology and advancements of KSi Automation to optimize the capabilities of the equipment and hardware design elements.
  • Accessibility – easily access the Applicator Head and Drum for routine maintenance, service and inspection with simple latches and generous access openings.

“KSi is thankful for our continued success in the industry, and we don’t take that for granted,” said Kaeb. “We strive to listen to our customers, and serve their needs by bringing innovative and unique products and solutions to market. We then back that up with uncompromising service and support.”


About KSi Conveyors Inc.

KSi Conveyors Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacturing of belt conveyors and related seed handling equipment, with proven expertise in bulk seed site consultation and automation.

KSi developed a patented cleated belt technology that outperforms conventional augers and conveyors, moving seed more efficiently at steeper angles with very little material damage. This technology – combined with a dedication to integrity and service – has established KSi as the standard in quality seed handling equipment and as a leader in consulting and design for bulk seed site development, automation control systems, and seed treatment.

In response to growing customer needs and new market opportunities, KSi continues to develop innovative seed handling equipment and industry-leading solutions that maximize seed handling efficiency and minimize seed damage.

Founded in 1999, KSi Conveyors Inc. is located in Cissna Park, Illinois, and Sabetha, Kansas. For more information, contact KSi at 888.574.3277 or visit

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